Tiger & Bird

Inspired by a genre of Korean folk paintings featuring tigers and magpies, I am making a daily sketch as a meditation during this time of transition between completing my PhD and whatever is next. Traditionally, folk paintings, minhwa, were made to mark significant occasions, for protection, or to wish someone good luck.

The symbolism varies, but tigers ward of bad energy, and magpies are bearers of good news. Tigers are personally significant to me as I found the field of animal studies while writing an essay about William Blake’s “The Tyger,” and Rudyard Kipling’s anthropomorphized tiger villain, Sher Khan.

These sketches are made spontaneously. I set a timer for seven minutes and do not let myself overly edit them once completed. I will do this for forty days during the 2023 Lenten season (February 22-April 8).

Not posting every sketch, just a few of my favorites.