In 1977, NASA sent records–actual gold-plated copper records–of images, music, sounds, and greetings from Earth into space onboard the Voyager I and II spacecrafts. The goal was to introduce our planet to any extraterrestrial life that might discover the interstellar probes in some distant future. Now, almost a half a century later, Voyager I is the farthest human-made object from Earth.

The creation and existence of the Golden Record fascinates me. Objects fascinate me. Human expression, and its limits, fascinate me. It is very moving to listen to the recorded greetings spoken in fifty-five different languages:

“Hello and greetings to all.”

“Hello from the children of planet Earth.”

“Good health to you now and forever.”

It is in this spirit of goodwill that I welcome you to this website, which will serve as a hub–a record–of my work and varied interests including animal studies, poetry, art, retro computer games, shoegazing indie rock, sustainable fashion, native plants, running, and yoga. Thank you for being here.